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About This Site

This is a shameless attempt to plug my books, blogs and other outpourings of an admittedly weird brain. I know it sounds absurd but I thought someone might buy a book or click on a link to a story about me - or perhaps even send me an email. Why would you do that? Perhaps because you have nothing better to do? Perhaps you just want to be kind? 


About Those Books

I spent half a century writing for newspapers, magazines and television, and even had a brief sojourn in the mad, mad world of advertising copy writing. At first, I thought I could "make a difference." Later I thought I could make a living. I was deluded. Having done neither, I finally retired. But I could not stop writing. It's a bad habit and I caution you against getting addicted to it. Anyway, I wrote four books before I collapsed in exhaustion. Here's a link to a web site where some of my books are (supposedly) being sold: http://stores.lulu.com/georgeg

So Don't Just Sit There. Buy a Book. Or Send Me an Email. Or Something

Look, I know you don't have much time to read books. You probably have shelves of the darned things looking down at you accusingly, waiting for you to get to them. I bet you haven't even read "War and Peace" yet. Just kidding. Neither have I. But at least I tried - once. But you probably read online, and you can download some of my books from www.Lulu.com or http://stores.lulu.com/georgeg

Who Am I, Anyway?

That's me up there, grinning self-consciously because Tampa Tribune photographer Greg Fight was taking my picture to go with an article by award-winning journalist and author Jan Hollingsworth (and you thought I wasn't famous!).

My name is George Graham - George Wilmot Ross Graham. What can I say? They're family names and you know how that goes. Back in the dawn of time when I was being Christened people gave their kids the same names as their relatives. So George is from my father, Wilmot is from an uncle, Ross is from my great-grandfather. Yeah, I know. You really needed to know that!

No, I am not George Graham the soccer team manager, or the George Graham who invented the clock, or the George Graham Vest who wrote that tribute to the dog and coined the phrase "man's best friend." I am not even the music critic and musician, or the professor who writes about psychology, or the other guy who knows how children move... See how much you can find out when you have nothing better to do than search the internet for your name?

If you want to know more about me (hey, who knows? You might...), you could read Jan's article at:


You might also check out a review of one of my books, "Hill-an'-Gully Rider," by Jean-Lowrie Chin that was originally published in the Jamaica Observer newspaper: http://www.jamaicans.com/articles/bookreviews/HillanGullyBookReview.shtml

If you have any questions or comments, bring them on. Here's my email:

About Those Blogs

I write a blog just about every day (what else do I have to do? I'm retired, remember?) And I am an unrepentant tree-hugging liberal. I think Barack Obama might possibly save America -and the world. So I rail against Republicans, the oil industry, warmongers, those crooks on Wall Street, those other crooks in Congress, and the rest of those crooks who seem to pretty much run the world.

To read my blogs, click on:


The blogs are in the top right corner, and mine are called "By George." And no, I am not to blame for that clever pun (which I suspect has been used before). The webmaster (I won't tell you his name because I am a nice guy) is responsible for that.